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Feldenkrais Institute of Victoria

Client Experiences

"Sophia is an excellent teacher – informative and patient. Her observation skills are remarkable when she’s analyzing the mechanics of how a student is moving. I like how she provides clear explanations of movements and explorations and also how the skeleton, musculature and nervous system all work together."   T. Smith, Victoria

“While Physiotherapy offered ultrasound with no improvement to my sore heel due to plantar fasciitis, Sophia offered a way for me to understand the connectedness of my foot to leg and hips. It was through her guidance and classes that made the most significant impact on my recovery."   L. Lindseth, Victoria

“The Feldenkrais Method introduced to me by Sophia has shown me something extraordinary when dealing with pain and limitations in my body: I have become aware that I can break negative patterns of movement by using new, counter intuitive and surprising approaches.” 
D. Herold, Victoria

"I realized how much I had not yet recognized and addressed the trauma to my head. I gained a much better understanding of how the trauma has resulted in my “guarding” both physically and emotionally and as a result, I now know where to put my attention in my yoga practice. I have continued with the lessons I learned in class and they greatly helped to lessen what used to be constant tension in my body." K.R., Victoria

“It has been a real pleasure learning this most profound and vital method of somatic reeducation from such a committed and enthusiastic person. Sophia teaches with a capable ease and fluidity in a way that encourages me to do the movements in a gentle way within my comfort range. Her style of instruction allows me fine discrimination and ease to learning. Her timing and direction of movements in the classes are really good and show her experience as a knowledgeable teacher. Her care and attention in the private sessions show her sensitivity and empathy. I depend on the consistency and humor she brings to each class. Sophia provides a warm and trusting environment in which to learn this most brilliant and relevant method of self-improvement.”   H. Clark, Victoria

"The Feldenkrais Method is a remarkable, quick, and effective way to alleviate muscular tension and discomforts."
J. Rice, M.D.

“I have been a National level Volleyball coach and my experience working with Sophia Buchholz and her approach to movement education, has opened my eyes to the serious importance of walking, standing and sitting with intention and clear awareness. My body awareness has been heightened by being introduced to Sophia and her work and I am confident that these methods are going to give me many years of pain free health. To obtain optimal health requires me to pay attention to all my movements. For the health of our society I recommend associating yourself with Sophia. Thank you!”   V. Lindal, Victoria