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Pelvic Power

The pelvis is the largest and strongest skeletal structure in our body and provides the stability and power necessary for many everyday movements and dynamic functions like walking, dancing, and sitting etc.
Even though the pelvis is a solid structure, it is adaptable because of its moving bones. Strong muscles insert at the pelvis and can cause stiffness and pain when used for fixation rather than for movement, which they are designed for. When excessive bracing is present (and you may not even know it!) you might experience a variety of debilitating symptoms i.e. pelvic floor issues, lack of mobility and pain in the hip joints, or lower back when you turn, walk, stand, or tie your shoes.

In the upright standing position, the center of gravity of the human body falls within the pelvis and is a point around which the force of gravity appears to act. Because of its central position, a small shift in the pelvis can have major effects in the rest of the body: it can cause not only headaches but a twist in the neck, a pain in the knee, instability on one foot or poor balance etc.
The moving relationships between the pelvis and ribcage determine our balance and mobility in virtually every activity.

Oftentimes, clients who come to see me have been given exercises that seem out of a functional context that either helped them short term if at all, or they lost interest in doing them.
Exercising a certain area of the body is not the same as experiencing its function in daily life.

In my work, I use movement explorations to bring awareness to these moving relationships in ways which enhance a client's ability to remain dynamically centered in a wide range of movements and activities. A strong, mobile pelvis connects with the whole body to support comfortable sitting and standing, walking, and better enjoyment of the activities my clients find pleasure in.

When I began creating the Pelvic Power Workshop (the foundation to a more specific pelvic floor workshop) it became obvious that the needs and questions of men and women in terms of back pain, a mobile pelvis, pelvic floor issues and sexuality are vastly different, so I decided to create and teach it separately to each group.

If we can't sense what we are doing, we have very little opportunity to change our pattern of moving, sensing, feeling or thinking. When working with clients, I invite movements that are new and unfamiliar, explore and re-establish a felt sense and awareness of how they move, think, sense and feel and how to do it with less effort and more grace.
If you can feel it, you can change it!

Take a moment and think about what you'd like to feel more of or what you'd wish to feel less of.
I'd love to hear from you regarding what you'd like to see different for yourself.

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