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Why our values matter

Are there new activities or ideas you’d like to welcome into your life as we move into 2018? Habits you’d like to move away from? How will you choose? Almost all of our choices are informed by what we hold as most important, according to our values. These are recognizable, ...

Posted by: Administrator Monday Jan 08, 2018 10:04
Categories: Feldenkrais, Transformational Coaching | Tags: Coaching, Fulfillment, Transformational Change, Values

Pelvic Power

The pelvis is the largest and strongest skeletal structure in our body and provides the stability and power necessary for many everyday movements and dynamic functions like walking, dancing, and sitting etc. Even though the pelvis is a solid structure, it is adaptable because of its moving bones. ...

Posted by: Administrator Monday Sep 25, 2017 13:08
Categories: Feldenkrais | Tags: Pain treatment, Pelvis

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