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What clients have to say about 'Tackling tight jaw'

"When I arrived at the sessions, the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome were intense, but by the time I was finished each session, the pain had decreased considerably.  Now, I am able to alleviate the pain from this condition by utilizing the knowledge I have gained." L.Woodward, Victoria

"Thank you, Sophia, for this amazing workshop. By the end of the 5 classes I could definitely notice a huge relief in the tightness in my jaw, shoulders & neck. My shoulders felt lower, lighter and my mind clearer." P. Webster, Victoria

"The tension in my jaw decreased significantly over the course of the TMJ workshop. I was able to link the muscle tension in my jaw to muscle tension in other parts of my body as a response to stress. Now I am able to address the muscle tension before it takes root in my jaw." J.H.

"I realized how much I had not yet recognized and addressed the trauma to my head. I gained a much better understanding of how the trauma has resulted in my “guarding” both physically and emotionally and as a result, I now know where to put my attention in my yoga practice. I have continued with the lessons I learned in class and they greatly helped to lessen what used to be constant tension in my body." K.R., Victoria